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Covid 19 News

We follow the stories and update you as they develop.

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Covid 19 Live Update

Get the latest coronavirus live updates

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Who We Are

We continuingly access
the development associated with everything about
Covid 19

We review the daily status of cases from health organizations such as the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention across nations.

Our mission is to hold up communication with health organizations, validate all information and share them with you on time, just as it is happening. We have your best interest in our heart and to add to it, we will educate you on

  • Ways to make money online during the lockdown
  • Acquirable skills you can exploit
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Our vision remains to provide our audience with everything they need to know about this pandemic. Care is the foundation of our values and vision, your health, safety and well-being remain our top priority. As a result of this, we will ensure that we

  • Focus on preventing the spread of covid 19
  • Help you move forward in this challenging period
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To Preventing The Spread Of Corona Virus

It is a well-known fact that there is currently no vaccine for the cure of the invading coronavirus disease. Therefore the following are the best and most appropriate way is to avoid being exposed to the virus

Wash Your Hands

Wash your hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds

Nose Mask

Wear a nose mask at any point where it is necessary to go out in public

Social Distancing

Maintaining social distance would help prevent the virus spread.

Stay At Home

Stay at home, the chances of contacting the virus between close doors is zero


We’re Providing quality and valuable information.

We have you at heart, and we are set out to provide you with quality and valuable information that will keep you updated and help you make money even during this pandemic. We have a lot packed up for you.

Covid 19 News

Here we bring you news statement, releases and speeches about covid-19.

Make Money Online During Covid 19

In this section, we have outlined a few ways to make money even during the lockdown.

Acquirable Skills During The Quarantine Period

Here there is a full rundown of fun and fruitful things you can do during this period.

Covid 19 Live Update

We track the latest covid-19 statistics anywhere around the globe. We keep you updated.

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Team Members

Our Team Members

My home quarantine is a product of teamwork of experts and professional in different fields. Meet the brain behind My Home Quarantine


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CEO of Ideabuz


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CEO of Ideabuz


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Jason Roy

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Andy Mare

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John Sina

CEO of Ideabuz

We are the best and most reliable platform available to you during this period

We are set out to give you the best throughout this period. All information and contents here are up-to-date, accurate and precise. We got your back at any time of the day and promise that you would have as much fun as you should despite the lockdown.


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